Steven R Leonard Denver Team

Steven’s Denver Dream Team

In August, 2014 Steven R. Leonard finished his first in a series of three humorous memoirs, The Easter Duckling That Couldn’t Swim. He assembled a unique Denver dream team to help achieve his goal of putting out the very best product he could. The scope of the project was aimed at getting the book published by a Big Five publishing company and to get animated chapters from the memoir to go viral, resulting in exposure to the book.

  • Joel Heaton spent hundreds of hours and lost weeks of sleep animating a chapter from the book and focused on the deployment of a well thought out custom based, responsive UX design for the web presence.
  • Lindsey Saunders came up with a fresh and original theme song for the animation.
  • Sarah Heilman edited the book, and helped with artistic suggestions.
  • Steven R Leonard

    Steven is a Denver native who wanted to make a splash with his first memoir. To punctuate the humorous stories he sought out an animator to add another dimension to the book. He is an avid reader, a double-bogey golfer, and cheap wine connoisseur.

    Joel Heaton

    In 2014 Joel combined forces with Steven Leonard to animate one of his memoirs. He grasped the scope as a completed project from the beginning and spent hundreds of hours story boarding, illustrating and editing the animation. With the amount of time he spent locked up away from his family his goal is to use this demo reel to submit to Adult Swim and other networks to produce The Easter Duckling That Couldn’t Swim animated series. He hopes to audition for the Easy Rider sequel.

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    Sarah Heilman

    Sarah Heilman is a graduate of Portland State University’s Master’s in Writing and Book Publishing program and has been editing full-time since 2011 (although, if you ask her, she’ll probably tell you she has been an editor her whole life). She is currently one-half of Ex Libris Editing, the small editing firm she and classmate Sylvia Spratt started in 2012. When Sarah’s not hard at work on a manuscript, she can usually be found reading, running, or watching movies with her husband, Logan, and cat, Muffin.